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Alison Clements

Alison was born in Brighton and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne College. She draws inspiration from nature and natural forms in rural areas local to Brighton and has developed a unique style of painting, using paints, pencils, collage and pastels in her work to create paintings that are expressive and abstract.

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  • Kitchen Hydrangea
    Kitchen Hydrangea £2.40
  • The Life of Poppies
    The Life of Poppies £2.40
  • Orange Nouveau
    Orange Nouveau £2.40
  • Textured Allium
    Textured Allium £2.40
  • Pink Allium
    Pink Allium £2.40
  • Sketchbook Hydrangea
    Sketchbook Hydrangea £2.40
  • Purple Allium
    Purple Allium £2.40
  • Sketchbook Red Roses
    Sketchbook Red Roses £2.40
  • Sketchbook Tulips
    Sketchbook Tulips £2.40
  • Wall Art
    Wall Art £2.40
  • Amaryllis
    Amaryllis £2.40
  • Birthday Flowers
    Birthday Flowers £2.40
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