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Amanda Stratford

Originally from an interior/exhibition design background, Amanda uses acrylic as a medium for her art. Painting to a larger format is an important part of her working process and, with her strong sense of design and colour, she is able to mix vibrant colours directly on the canvas, laying on heavy texture with a palette knife to build her unusual, insightful and often quirky images which reflect her love of walking and travelling as well as her sense of humour.

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  • First Tango
    First Tango £2.40
  • Struthio Camelus Party
    Struthio Camelus Party £2.40
  • Capra Capricious
    Capra Capricious £2.40
  • Capra!
    Capra! £2.40
  • Eat Your Heart Out Veronica
    Eat Your Heart Out Veronica £2.40
  • Windswept
    Windswept £2.40
  • A Highland Bath
    A Highland Bath £2.40
  • Cow's Lick
    Cow's Lick £2.40
  • Bad Ass
    Bad Ass £2.40
  • All Dressed Up
    All Dressed Up £2.40
  • Mum's Shoes
    Mum's Shoes £2.40
  • Shhh... Reading
    Shhh... Reading £2.40
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