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Clare Lindley

Clare has lived in North Yorkshire all her life and the area has been her primary source of inspiration since she discovered the medium of papercutting. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that the landscape and its inhabitants would run wild through her work. They do now and will continue to do so for as long as she can continue to cut paper. Clare shows her work through a number of galleries and has just started working with an author to illustrate books.

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  • Balancing Act
    Balancing Act £2.40
  • Fox in the Moonlight
    Fox in the Moonlight £2.40
  • Stag in the Woods
    Stag in the Woods £2.40
  • Deer Shelter
    Deer Shelter £2.40
  • Fox in the Snow
    Fox in the Snow £2.40
  • Stargazing Hare
    Stargazing Hare £2.40
  • Bird on Fence Post
    Bird on Fence Post £2.40
  • Keeping Watch
    Keeping Watch £2.40
  • Lying Low
    Lying Low £2.40
  • Running Hares
    Running Hares £2.40
  • Flying a Kite
    Flying a Kite £2.40
  • Hare under a Tree
    Hare under a Tree £2.40
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