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Jan Richardson

Born in Lincolnshire in 1964, Jan currently lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales. She studied Fine Art and Illustration at Grimsby and at Harrow School of Art. Her joyful, naïve portrayal of the world around her in her early work was inspired by happy days and holidays. The mood enhancing nature of these paintings found favour worldwide. After moving to the Yorkshire Dales Jan began to feel the need to change her style of working. She is an almost compulsive drawer of her surroundings and her new paintings have evolved from this need to draw, taking inspiration from places with which she has a close personal involvement.   

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  • All Aboard
    All Aboard £2.40
  • Blue Day
    Blue Day £2.40
  • Tide and Tiles
    Tide and Tiles £2.40
  • The Grand
    The Grand £2.40
  • View Towards the Bridge
    View Towards the Bridge £2.40
  • Over Rooftops to the Minster
    Over Rooftops to the Minster £2.40
  • Waiting for the Call
    Waiting for the Call £2.40
  • Counting the Steps
    Counting the Steps £2.40
  • Flower Patio
    Flower Patio £2.40
  • Down to the Harbour
    Down to the Harbour £2.40
  • The Return
    The Return £2.40
  • Across the Harbour
    Across the Harbour £2.40
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