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Karen Risby

Karen creates contemporary ceramic sculpture, wall hangings and porcelain accessories. She takes inspiration from nature, myth and storytelling. Birds are a prominent feature of her work, interweaved with landscapes, people and places. Originally from London, Karen graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 1994 and then lived and worked in South London for many years before moving to Suffolk to set up her ceramic studio in 2010.

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  • Birds and Flora
    Birds and Flora £2.40
  • Birds in Waves
    Birds in Waves £2.40
  • Bird and Pearly Tree
    Bird and Pearly Tree £2.40
  • View over a Ploughed Landscape
    View over a Ploughed Landscape £2.40
  • Bird and Flora
    Bird and Flora £2.40
  • Blue Bird on Branch
    Blue Bird on Branch £2.40
  • Bird on Autumnal Branch
    Bird on Autumnal Branch £2.40
  • Spring Bird
    Spring Bird £2.40
  • Verdant Birds
    Verdant Birds £2.40
  • Bird with Mixed Flora
    Bird with Mixed Flora £2.40
  • Owl
    Owl £2.40
  • Bird with Summer Blooms
    Bird with Summer Blooms £2.40
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