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Tiffany Lynch

Tiffany was born in Sussex and studied illustration at the Harrow and Central St. Martins Schools of Art and Design. She now shares a studio in Brighton and draws inspiration from the ever changing beauty of the seasons in the natural world. Her work has featured in many galleries around the South of England, including The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

  • Fox in Forget-me-nots
    Fox in Forget-me-nots £2.40
  • Birdies and Blossom
    Birdies and Blossom £2.40
  • Three Little Birds
    Three Little Birds £2.40
  • Puffin and Sky
    Puffin and Sky £2.40
  • Charmed
    Charmed £2.40
  • Through Little Gems
    Through Little Gems £2.40
  • Hedegrow Glimmer
    Hedgerow Glimmer £2.40
  • Meadow Dream
    Meadow Dream £2.40
  • Foxy
    Foxy £2.40
  • Fox Dusk Spy
    Fox Dusk Spy £2.40
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