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Andy Broderick

Originally from Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland, Andy studied Fine Art at Teesside University and now lives and works in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire coast. His practice as an artist is based on the use of natural or alternative materials, including earth, tea and pulped leaves, to convey aspects of the spirit of the subject. Influenced in part by Japanese Zen painting, his work uses plants and animals as a point of focus on the natural world and through its simplicity and purity creates an almost meditative connection with the subject.

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  • Head of a Hare
    Head of a Hare £46.95
  • Chaffinch
    Chaffinch £42.95
  • Head of a Stag
    Head of a Stag £46.95
  • Running Hare
    Running Hare £46.95
  • Irish Wolfhound
    Irish Wolfhound £54.95
  • Rabbit with Foxglove
    Rabbit with Foxglove £46.95
  • The King of all Birds
    The King of all Birds £42.95
  • Spring Lamb
    Spring Lamb £54.95
  • Heron
    Heron £58.95
  • Mountain Hare
    Mountain Hare £42.95
  • Head of a Timber Wolf
    Head of a Timber Wolf £46.95
  • Curlew
    Curlew £58.95
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