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Freya Horsley

Originally from the south west of England, Freya has been living in Yorkshire since graduating with a Fist Class honours degree in Fine Art. She has developed her painting practice, drawing on the landscape around her as well as her travels further afield and attempts to capture in paint the intangibility of the changes which rain, mist, sunlight,  cloud snow and wind bring to the surface of the land.

  • Settling Hours
    Settling Hours £2.40
  • Drench
    Drench £2.40
  • Cover
    Cover £2.40
  • Winter Words
    Winter Words £2.40
  • Lifting
    Lifting £2.40
  • Scroll
    Scroll £2.40
  • Brace
    Brace £2.40
  • Cloud Song
    Cloud Song £2.40
  • Lark
    Lark £2.40
  • Plunge
    Plunge £2.40
  • Split
    Split £2.40
  • Murmuring
    Murmuring £2.40
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