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James Morgan Williams

James has worked in education, set design and illustration, as well as fulfilling a variety of commissions, from portraiture to mural work, as a freelance artist. He spent several years living and working in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire coast, but work commitments have now required a move to Southampton. James' art reflects his interest in the drama of the physical, from storms at sea to the human figure. 

  • Sunlight and Undergrowth
    Sunlight and Undergrowth £2.40
  • Sunlight, grass blades, shade
    Sunlight, grass blades, shade £2.40
  • Breaking Wave
    Breaking Wave £2.40
  • Lone Gull
    Lone Gull £2.40
  • On Crows' Wings
    On Crows' Wings £2.40
  • Storm from the Sea
    Storm from the Sea £2.40
  • Flurry of Gulls
    Flurry of Gulls £2.40
  • Gull beneath Huntcliff
    Gull beneath Huntcliff £2.40
  • Crow
    Crow £2.40
  • Into the Light
    Into the Light £2.40
  • Green Man
    Green Man £2.40
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