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Morag is a Scottish artist living and working in the hills at the edge of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Trained in Scotland and England in both illustration and Fine Art, Morag first worked as a designer in London in the 1980s on many projects around the City. Since then she has worked with organisations combining art with healthcare and for several years worked as a lecturer in community education. Now painting full-time, she finds inspiration from designs and the history of the landscape, especially around the Western Isles where she has sailed and explored for many years.

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  • A Little Piece of Heaven
    A Little Piece of Heaven £2.40
  • A Riot of Colour
    A Riot of Colour £2.40
  • Boats and Piers
    Boats and Piers £2.40
  • Evening Light
    Evening Light £2.40
  • Meadows
    Meadows £2.40
  • Summer Showers
    Summer Showers £2.40
  • Family Day Out
    Family Day Out £2.40
  • Harbour Views
    Harbour Views £2.40
  • Spring
    Spring £2.40
  • Watching the Races
    Watching the Races £2.40
  • Heading out to Sea
    Heading out to Sea £2.40
  • Clear Waters
    Clear Waters £2.40
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