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Neil is an award winning photographer, author and wildlife guide. Born in the UK, he grew up in Africa before returning to his Yorkshire roots. Photography has been in his family for generations and Neil has blended his skills with a camera with a passion for the wild world. His dedication to promoting awareness of conservation issues through his photography has gained worldwide recognition and in 2014 he was named European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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  • Which Way?
    Which Way? £2.40
  • Eye of a Hunter
    Eye of a Hunter £2.40
  • Catch of the Day
    Catch of the Day £2.40
  • Seaside Greetings
    Seaside Greetings £2.40
  • Woodland Jewel
    Woodland Jewel £2.40
  • Out to Dry
    Out to Dry £2.40
  • First Arrival
    First Arrival £2.40
  • Dinner Time!
    Dinner Time! £2.40
  • Clown of the Sea
    Clown of the Sea £2.40
  • Cliff-top Majesty
    Cliff-top Majesty £2.40
  • Brrr!
    Brrr! £2.40
  • Winter Gold
    Winter Gold £2.40
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